Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP)

This is the fourth Sokoine University of Agriculture Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) 2016 – 2021 as approved by the Council at its 143th meeting held on 30th June, 2016.The implementation of the Fourth CSP started with effect from 1st July 2016.


The third Sokoine University of Agriculture Strategic Plan (3rd SUACSP) -2011-2015 came to an end December 2015 and this paved way to the development of the 4th SUACSP -2016-2021. In developing the 4th (SUACSP), the University Council advised and emphasized on the need for the University to change the strategic direction in order to address the new realities that have emerged especially the need for self reliance through enhancement of internal income generation. In order to sustain what has been achieved and avoid repeating the same mistakes, during the preparation of the 4th CSP, achievements recorded and challenges encountered during the implementation of the 3rd SUA CSP were used as reference starting points. Like the past three CSPs, the fourth Corporate Strategic Plan takes into account the roles of SUA in National development and ensures that SUA’s vision, mission and priorities are aligned to the Tanzania Development Vision 2015 and Tanzania Five year Development Plan phase II (2016/17-2020/21). The plan also takes into consideration the plans of the updated 20 years SUA Master plan.

The 4th SUACSP is guided by the SUA vision which aspires to make SUA a leading University in the provision of quality knowledge and skills in agriculture and allied sciences. Its development has been participatory and an effective coordination, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms have been put in place. Thus, its implementation is expected to be participatory and transparent too. Targets planned to be achieved in each strategic objective, key performance indicators, budget and responsible lead implementers are indicated in order to facilitate monitoring and assessment of performance.

The 4th CSP provides an insight of SUA’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and aspirations and charts out how to exploit the available resources effectively and efficiently in order to improve delivery of quality education and training. The plan also envisions improving research and public service delivery, improving the teaching and learning environment as well as enhancing cross cutting issues.

Resources to implement the 4th CSP are expected to come from key SUA stakeholders both internal and external. I wish at this juncture to thank the Government of Tanzania, Development Partners, Private sector, parents, SUA staff and students for their continued support and interest in SUA’s developments. It is my sincere hope they will continue to support SUA so that it achieves its mission and vision in the long run.

Lastly but not the least, on behalf of SUA Management and the entire SUA Community, let me thank members of the two Task forces who participated in the preparation and development of the 4th SUACSP, individuals who gave ideas and comments during the Council retreat workshop, iAGRI, Stakeholder’s Consultative meeting, Committee of Principals, Deans and Directors, Senate, Finance and Planning Development Committee, Workers Council and Council members. Their ideas and comments contributed to the improvement of the final document which was approved by Council for implementation on 30th June 2016.

Read: Full SUA Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) 2016 – 2021(PDF) 

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